Christianity Explored

Puzzled by Christianity? Want to know more? In need of a refresher. We are going to begin an enquirers’ course on Monday, 13th May, exploring the basics of Christian faith. Over 7 Mondays and a Saturday away-day we will be reading Mark’s Gospel. Come with your doubts and questions: no question is out of bounds and we don’t assume that everyone who comes on this course is a committed Christian. In fact, if you know next to nothing about Christianity, but would like to know more, you would be particularly welcome.

We will be using video material from the Christianity Explored course. To find out more have a look at the Christianity Explored’s website. You will find information, trailers and (if you scoll down the page to ‘Session One’) the video which we will be using on the first evening.

For more information email or phone/text Philip on 0780-443-0069.